Kallati History

 Inextricably linked to the visionary founder

 KALLATI™ History

The KALLATI™ story begins in 1746 when the Persian Empire controlled over half of the known world. King Nader Shah (Ruler of  Rulers, Conqueror of  Kings) had just extended his reign to the mystical land of India and was in need of a place to store the kingdom’s jewels and treasures.It was decided that 10 families in the town of  Kalat would be trusted to guard and protect his treasure, as they were known and revered for their honesty and loyalty. For over 100 years, the selected families of  Kalat kept and guarded the world's treasures as needed. Following the revolution in the early 1900s, those 10 families moved to different locations throughout the world, including the holy mecca of  "Jerusalem".
Upon the fabled families’s arrival, the citizens of  the city gathered in anxious and excited regard, exclaiming “Look! Here are the KALLATI'S, Guardians of  the King’s treasure".
Upon studying diamonds for over 15 years, Kallati has traveled the world to develop and evolve the KALLATI™ brand, establishing the company on the fundamental principle value of production of  superior goods, with both quality and price at the forefront. Today, KALLATI™ is one of  the leading manufacturers of  wholesale production, catering to both wholesalers and distributors worldwide. Over the years, the company has flourished and grown immensely. Kallati's flawless reputation and passion in the market has gained KALLATI™ worldwide recognition. Today, KALLATI is aggressively positioned for even further success in the new millenium.