Manufacturing Process

Unique and striking designs

KALLATI™ Design Department

Our manufacturing factory has a full design department with some of  the most skilled jewelers and craftsmen on earth. The team first imagines and draws up our unique and striking designs, which are then turned into wax by our cutting-edge technological machinery. After a wax is completed, it then is sent to become a mold, and once we have a mold, it is then made into gold by our specialized casters.

Casting fine-looking piece of art

KALLATI™ Casting Department

Our casting is now ready to turn into a fine-looking piece of  art. Along each step of  the way is a demanding quality control process that ensures our pieces attain the highest security and excellence in the industry. We begin by taking our casting and assuring that there is no porosity or flaw of  any kind. After the piece passes through quality control,it can then go for pre-polishing,where it again is subjected to the rigors of  testing for perfection.gained KALLATI™ worldwide recognition. Today, Kallati is aggressively
positioned for even further success in the new millenium.

Phenomenal diamond setting

KALLATI™ Diamond Setting

Once the casting has undergone proper design and testing, it is then sent to our professionally trained diamond picker, who selects only the finest diamonds for each particular, individual casting. The casting, along with its precious and unique diamonds, are then sent to our phenomenal setters. Upon completion of  setting, each piece must once again pass through quality control to make sure that everything remains perfectly even and secure. The person checking the jewelry examines with both his/her eyes and a magnifying glass at four times the industry standard of  magnification. After the piece passes quality control, it is sent to be fully polished and shined to brilliant perfection.

Fine jewelry ready for customers

KALLATI™ Quality Control & Shipping

The final step in the quality control procedure takes place in the shipping department. Before the piece is sent to our esteemed customers, it is examined carefully to make sure nothing moved during the full polishing. Finally, after all these quality checks, we send the spectacular jewelry to our beloved customers. It is our company mission to ensure the highest level of  satisfaction, and we take great pride in delivering our customers the very best product that is as timeless and as uniquely individual as the true you.